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Lewes Yacht Club (LYC) is a private club with a beautiful club house, a fabulous refurbished marina, upgraded pool area, and superb sailing on the Delaware Bay, with the most beautiful sunset view in the Mid-Atlantic.


Use of the club facilities is for our members and their guests, although we have reciprocity with other yacht clubs.  Our club house offers fine dining and is available for private events or off-site catering.


The social atmosphere at LYC is diverse.  We promote membership camaraderie with special dining events, an annual fishing tournament, youth and family activities, a seasonal swim team, water aerobics, and a variety of sailing venues from lessons to sailboat rentals to annual sailing regattas.


The Lewes Yacht Club (LYC) was founded in 1932 and is enriched by its history and traditions, yet has a casual and relaxed atmosphere. We offer a variety of activities for our members from sailing to swimming, to boating, to a variety of dining, including banquet facilities.


The Club is constantly improved and maintained largely through our members' volunteer efforts.  LYC offers our members a full sailing and social schedule centered around one of the most beautiful buildings on the Delaware Bay. We encourage our members' continued enthusiasm and friendliness.


LYC is situated at the mouth of the Delaware Bay, which feeds into the Atlantic Ocean. To the west is the Broadkill River and the Coast Guard station. To the south is the town of Lewes, the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal and the University of Delaware College of Marine Studies.


Lewes, Delaware is known as the first town in the first state.  Lewes, the first settlement in the state, was founded by Dutch pioneers in 1631. The town of Lewes offers pleasant, year-round living, good fishing, entertainment and shopping. It offers many interesting and historic sights.  The Lewes Yacht Club embraces the historic ambiance of the city of


 Historic Lewes, Delaware


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From Errol Webber circa 2013


A brief history of the town of Lewes, told through the experiences of the bay and river pilots of the community whose contributions continue to play a critical role in Delaware's - and our nation's - maritime commerce. From an early 17th century Dutch settlement through today's heritage and

eco-tourism driven economy, nearly 400 years of history vividly comes to life in this short documentary.