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Thank you for your interest in the Lewes Yacht Club!


The Lewes Yacht Club membership is now at its limit, therefore a current member must

drop out to allow space for a new member.


LYC maintains a Wait List for membership ("Current Wait List").  While there is no reliable estimate of the time that will pass until a membership vacancy will occur, currently new applicants can expect to be on the waiting list for three to five years.


To be placed on the wait list, you must fill out an Application for the Wait List ("Apply for Wait List") and submit a nonrefundable fee of $300.00.  When the Club receives the application and fee, a letter or email will be sent confirming that the applicant is on the waiting list.


When membership falls below the numerical limit, then those on the waiting list, are invited to join the Club, in first-come first-served order. If the person invited to join declines or if they do not respond to the invitation, their position on the waiting list is forfeited and the next person on the list is asked to join. This procedure continues until the Club is again at its limit of members.


Many of our current members have found this to be a worthwhile wait. We hope you will feel the same when the membership opportunity occurs.




    Frequently Asked Questions (great information for new or potential members)



    LYC Membership Rules 2015



    For additional Membership information, please contact our Membership Chair at

    Membership@LewesYC.com or stop by our Club House.