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Meet us in the regatta room to discuss regattas, practices, fees and registration.  Bring a friend!

July 16, 17 & 18, 2019

Junior Olympics Regatta at LYC


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Lewes Yacht Club Junior Sailing Race Team


The Lewes Yacht Club facilitates a junior sailing race team each summer from June to August.  The program is designed for those young sailors who are interested in pursuing the sport of competitive sailing.

Requirements: The only requirement to join the team is to participate in at least one week long session of the LYC sailing camp before joining the team. If the child has participated in a camp within the past three seasons, they do not have to meet this requirement. This will allow the instructor staff to assess the child and ensure that they understand the fundamentals of sailing and water safety.


Squads: The LYC race team is divided into two separate squads, an A team and a B team. The A team consists of experienced members who participate in more challenging regattas. These regattas usually consist of more experienced competition, trickier conditions and fast turnarounds between races.  The B team is for those sailors who are new to competitive sailing. They participate in regattas that are typically more laid back in race management.


Coaches: There are two race team coaches. One coach oversees the A team while the other oversees the B team.

Practices: Race team practices are held every week day that there is not a scheduled regatta. Practices begin at 1 PM and end at 4 PM. Transportation must be provided and be prompt for practices. Both squads practice together.  There is typically a short chalk talk, followed by sailing drills and on the water coaching. Practices are wrapped up with a debrief and de-rigging of boats.


Regattas: Most race team members will participate in 8-9 regattas per season. The regatta schedule for 2015 is posted on the website.  The team typically leaves LYC early, arrives at the venue between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., and begins rigging boats. Most regattas race from around 11 AM until 2 to 3 PM.  After awards, the team will pack up and usually returns to LYC around 6 or 7 PM.  The LYC race team is a member of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association and the Mid Atlantic Yacht Racing Association. Our regattas take us to some of the most beautiful sailing venues on the upper Chesapeake, Including Gibson Island, Annapolis Yacht Club and Miles River Yacht Club. The Lewes Yacht Club will also host two junior regattas in the 2016 season. The first will be on Saturday, June 25th and the second will be on July 13 & 14th.


Fleets: The LYC race team follows the collegiate and Olympic progression of junior sailing fleets. The team enters boats in the Opti, Laser and 420 class.  The Opti class is divided into a green fleet (beginners) and a red, white, blue fleet (progressing by age). The Laser fleet uses the Laser Radial and the 420 class is typically divided into a spinnaker and non-spinnaker class. The Opti and Laser fleets are single handed boats and the 420 fleet is a two man boat.


Fees: The following items are covered by a onetime fee paid at the beginning of the season:


• Use of LYC club boats and equipment

• Travel costs (fuel, tolls, maintenance)

• Regatta registration fees (typically $20-$30 per person, per race)

• Race Team Penny


Member Race Team Fees: To be determined

Non-member Race Team Fees: To be determined

Registration fee: $30 per child


Parent Support: The most critical element of the LYC race team is the support of the families.  Traveling to regattas is a logistical effort and the club asks that any available volunteers help out with transporting boats, equipment and kids.