Lewes Yacht Club Sailing

Junior Sailing Team Regatta 2016 Schedule

2017 Schedule To Be Announced Soon

                        Schedule for 2016


This season, we are refining our team in an effort to maximize the experiences of all our sailors at regattas. We will be assembling two squads, based on both ability and regatta experience. As the season progresses, children may move from squad to squad based on coaching            recommendations.


In order to accomplish this, parental support is crucial to our success. Attending these regattas is a logistical effort on the part of parents, coaches and the director. This season, we will be attending back to back away regattas that require traveling to another venue at the end of a long day to drop off boats and equipment.


Below is the proposed schedule for the season. The "A" team is for experienced sailors in the Opti red, white and blue, laser radial and 420 spinnaker classes. Previous regatta experience is required to start on the "A" team. "A" team regattas are typically more intense, with quicker starts, trickier conditions and more experienced competition. The "B" team will be for our less experienced sailors or sailors entering a class for the first time (i.e laser radial to a 420). These regattas are typically more laid back in both race committee and competition. For several regattas, we will be taking both squads to the same event.

2016 Team Schedule

Event Location                Date                   Day of the Week               Squads


Lewes Yacht Club           6/25/16                      Saturday                          A&B

Rock Hall YC                  6/30/16                      Thursday                          A&B

SSA                                7/6/16                        Wednesday                      A

Lewes Yacht Club          7/13 & 7/14                Wedn. & Thurs.                A&B

Gibson Island                 Cancelled

Indian Landing BC          7/27/16                      Wednesday                     A&B

Miles River YC                8/11/16                      Thursday                         A&B